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for a migrant, unified europe

The list that we, signatories of the following manifesto, wish to present at the 2019 European Parliament Elections is the result of a realization: the awareness that the political violence employed in the treatment of migrants is indicative of a more general lack of consideration towards those with the least resources.

We hereby commit to support this list because we believe that migration policy lies at the heart of the European project, and that its role is to shape 21st century Europe on the basis of our duty of hospitality and the principle of solidarity. In abandoning these values, democratic governments are ignoring the core message of European cultures.  

Europe flouts its own values and fundamental human rights when it drives exiles beyond its borders, just the same as it relegates to the margins of society its own vulnerable populations: the social outcasts of neo-liberalism, the jobless and the homeless. 

Europe has always developed at the crossroads of migratory paths, turning the arrival of new populations into a source of diversity and wealth. A national state that choses to tighten its policies regarding migrants will behave in similar fashion towards its own underprivileged populations. 

For a migrant, unified Europe is a list uniting citizens from all sectors of civil society, all social classes and of all ages, who are no longer prepared to stand by and watch as Europe reverts to institutional closure as its migration policy. 

We do not accept Europe’s deliberate, cynical restriction of its capacity for the reception and protection of migrants, nor the fact that it penalizes – in defiance of the law – the assistance offered to migrants by European citizens, or that it closes its sea-ports to exiles who have been forced to leave their countries, rendered uninhabitable by murderous conflicts, corrupt governments or climate change. 

We do not accept that thousands of men, women and children continue to die in the Mediterranean and the Sahara Desert, or to subsist in insalubrious living conditions on our continent, when local initiatives, non-profit associations or pacts of solidarity have been set up to prevent this from happening. Civil society has its role to play, but the reception of migrants must be reinforced by new European Union policies regarding border controls, refugee status and assimilation procedures. 

Migration between countries of the Southern hemisphere or towards Europe is not a temporary or superficial phenomenon, and it is set to increase exponentially, in particular due to environmental factors. It is imperative that we take migration into account as we prepare for future ways of living together – both within Europe and globally – by addressing the issue of human mobility with equity. 

We sign this manifesto For a migrant, unified Europe because we want a Europe that offers hospitality towards all those within its bounds, a Europe that is sensitive to the predicament of victims in all zones of conflict and poverty, whether in the Middle East, Africa or elsewhere. 

We sign this manifesto For a migrant, unified Europe because we want a Europe that reconnects with its values of unity and solidarity in the community project, in foreign policy as well as in its national public policies, in terms of migration and social cohesion. 

We sign this manifesto For a migrant, unified Europe because we aspire to an original form of electoral representation combined with the determination to contribute to European decision-making, for it is at this level that political measures must be taken. 

We sign this manifesto For a migrant, unified Europe because we aim for a mode of action and of governance which integrates all social actors according to an equal, egalitarian and transgenerational dynamic, without any other prerogative than to make solidarity a political priority. 

To make migrants welcome is to hold Europe high. 

Traduction: Sarah Voke, Sarah Greaves

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